Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We believe that declaring the Gospel to everyone is what we are called to do. Whether it be in Guatemala, the United States, or right here in Selmer, Tennessee, our people have been given a heart to reach the lost. Every year, we have multiple opportunities of outreach. This year, we are on our fifth year of a partnership between our church and First Baptist Church in Cantel, Guatemala.  During this mission trip, we have people that are building additions to the local church, playing games and sharing the Gospel with students in school, providing health care to Guatemalans that may not be able to afford it, and delivering the Gospel directly to a homes front door. When we are home, we have events such as Backpack ministries, food ministries, local benevolence, and block parties. Come plug into an outreach opportunity at FBC Selmer. Contact John Chandler for any info.

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